Compound interest demand deposit

By choosing our Compound interest demand deposit you will receive your interest into your account every month, where you can deposit and make withdrawals anytime.


  • Make deposits and withdrawals anytime
  • Open a new account and manage it over Internet bank or Pocket Bank application
  • Have an automated transaction service
  • Up to 20 million MNT insured by Deposit Insurance Corporation
  • Call our 24/7 call center at 7013-3060 to get information and inquiries about your account 


Currency Minimum balance Annual interest rate




5,000 MNT

In face of the global pandemic COVID-19, no interest will be earned until December 31, 2022, during the implementation of the Law on Prevention, Control and Reduction of Social and Economic Impact of Coronavirus Plague.

Monthly fee for an account: 200 MNT

Required documents

  • Passport and Certificate of alien registration
  • Joint account holder's Passport and Certificate of alien registration