If you wish to give your child a good quality education, here's a brilliant opportunity to make that possible.


  • Highest interest rate, longest term deposit
  • Depending on children's grades we will reward them with 10% of earned interest for that year as a bonus
  • Once a year, you can withdraw up to 30% of your savings for educational purposes without any penalty fees
  • Control the account over Internet bank or Pocket Bank application
  • Have an automated transaction service
  • Up to 20 million MNT insured by Deposit Insurance Corporation
  • Call our 24/7 call center at 7013-3060 to get information and inquiries about your account 


Currency MNT USD
Annual interest rate 11.6% 2.8%
Term Until children reach 18 years old
Minimum balance 10,000 MNT 10 USD
Penalty interest rate 2.75% 0.75%

Saving book - 1,000 MNT

Required documents

  • Children's birth certificate
  • If children are over 16 years old Personal ID or Passport
  • Joint account holder's Passport and Certificate of alien registration /must be a parent or legal guardian/