Credit card

Arig credit card for your daily financial needs.


  • High credit limit
  • Other banks customer can apply 
  • Grace period of 45 days on purchases 
  • Flexible repayment terms
  • SMS alert service and ibank service free            

Card service terms:

Card Limit, Processing Fees

Domestic credit card

Gold credit card

Credit limit 

100,000-5,000,000 mnt

5,000,001-50,000,000 mnt

Cash limit (% of credit limit)


Non-cash Transaction Interest rate/monthly/


Cash Transaction Interest rate /monthly/


Maximum over-the-limit amount


Grace period /Purchase/

45 days

Payment due day /monthly/

15th of each month

Minimum payment 

10% used credit limit + total of interest and fee 

Late payment fee

1%, (min 10,000mnt)

Over-the-limit fee


Card validity

1 year or 2 years

Annual fee 

20,000  mnt

50,000  mnt

Reissue fee

10,000  mnt

10,000  mnt

Urgent ordering card fee

5,000 mnt

Daily Transaction Limit

POS/Branches, Merchants/

5,000,000 mnt


3,000,000 mnt

Cash transactions: 

  • Cash withrawal transaction of any ATM
  • Cash withrawal transaction at bank teller. 
  • Cash withrawal transaction of Cash back service on POS terminal  
  • Any transfer transaction of internet bank

Non cash transactions:

  • Purchase transaction of POS 
  • Purchase transaction of E-Commerce


Required documents:

  • Personal ID
  • 1% photo; /No more than 6 months/
  • Salary reference from employer
  • Other proof of income documents